Our Lineage Masters

Our Lineage Masters

Traditional Kung Fu schools are characterized by an uninterrupted lineage of knowledge from the master to student.

The direct transmission from teacher to student guarantees original and undistorted content, as well as maintaining purity of the style. Below you will find the lineage of our school, the way Chen Tai Ji Quan art came to us.

Pavel Hlavoň

Pavel Hlavoň (*1974)

Founder and Head of the Czech Association of Chen Tai Ji Quan

Chen Shi Hong (陈时红)

Chen Shi Hong – 陈时红 (*1959)

One of the current Chen Tai Ji Quan Grandmasters, Founder of the Austria-China Wushu Association, Honorary Chairman of the Chen Taijiquan Research Society of China and President of the International Chen Taijiquan Style Association in Tokyo.

Chen Xiaowang (陈小旺)

Chen Xiaowang – 陈小旺 (*1945)

19th generation of the Chen family The current highest authority of the Chen style. He is recognized as one of the four “Buddha Warriors”. He created two condensed forms of the laojia and xinjia styles: a form with 38 techniques and a form with 19 techniques.

Chen Zhaokui (陈照奎)

Chen Zhaokui – 陈照奎 (1928 – 1981), Chen Zhaoxu – 陈照旭 (1911 – 1960), Chen Zhaopi – 陈照丕 (1893 – 1972)

18th generation of the Chen family


Chen Fake – 陈发科 (1887 – 1957)

17th generation of the Chen family Chen Fake moved from the Chenjiagou village to Beijing. Chen style was initially perceived as radically different from the other martial arts schools prevalent at the time. Chen Fake demonstrated the effectiveness of the Chen style through various private duels and even a series of lei tai (擂台) matches. In these improvised contests, there were no rules or preparations, so they were quite dangerous. For the next thirty years, Chen Fake remained undefeated. Within a short time, the Beijing martial arts community was convinced of the effectiveness of the Chen style, and a large group of enthusiasts began to practice and publicly promote the style. Chen Fake not only built an unrivaled reputation in the martial arts, but also gained public respect for his ethics and integrity.
He passed on his knowledge through two basic forms known as the “New Frame” (新架; xin jia).: First Form (Yilu; 一路) and Second Form (Erlu; 二路). In addition, he passed on forms devoted to sword and broadsword techniques.


Chen Yanxi – 陈延熙

16th generation of the Chen family


Chen Gengyun – 陈耕耘

15th generation of the Chen family

Chen Changxing (陈长兴)

Chen Changxing – 陈长兴 (1771 – 1853)

14th generation of the Chen family Chen Changxing has synthesized Chen Wangting's training system into two routines, which have come to be known as the “Old Frame” (老架; lao jia). These two routines are individually named as the First Form (Yilu; 一路) and the Second Form (Erlu; 二路, better known as the Cannon Fist 炮捶).


Chen Binqi – 陈秉奇, Chen Bingren – 陈秉壬, Chen Bingwang – 陈秉旺, Chen Gongzhao – 陈公兆,

13th generation of the Chen family


Chen Shantong – 陈善通, Chen Shanzhi – 陈善志, Chen Jixia – 陈继夏, Chen Jie – 陈节

12th generation of the Chen family


Chen Dakun – 陈大鹍, Chen Dapeng – 陈大鹏, Chen Guangyin – 陈光印, Chen Shenru – 陈申如, Chen Xunru – 陈恂如, Chen Zhengru – 陈正如

11th generation of the Chen family


Chen Ruxin – 陈汝信, Chen Suole – 陈所乐

10th generation of the Chen family

Chen Wangting (陈王庭)

Chen Wangting – 陳王廷 (1580 – 1660)

9th generation of the Chen family The Founder of Tai Ji Quan. He codified the existing training practices of the Chen family into a set of seven routines. He incorporated various elements of Chinese philosophy into martial arts training, creating the new approach we know today as internal martial arts. He added the principles of Yin-Yang theory, Daoyin techniques, Tui na, Chinese medical energy theory, and Chinese medical meridian theory. He also incorporated theories from sixteen different styles of martial arts as described in the classic text Ji Xiao Xin Shu 繼效新書.


Chen Bu – 陳仆

1st generation of the Chen family According to the family history, he was a skilled warrior who founded the village of Chenjiagou (陳家溝) and its martial arts tradition in 1374. For generations to come, the Chen village was known for their martial arts.

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