Welcome to the website of the Czech Association of Chen Tai Ji Quan

This website is for anyone interested in the practice, and others who are looking for information about this traditional Chinese art.

Chen style Taiji Quan (or tai chi quan) originated in the Henan province of China. The founder was a legendary master from the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties named Chen Wang Ting. For centuries, the Chen family maintained their style only within the range of family and close relatives. Today, we have the wonderful opportunity to practice this beautiful art under the direct guidance of family followers and their personal disciples.

Our school is part of a master tradition of excellent teachers such as 19th generation Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang and 20th generation Grandmaster Chen Shi Hong.

We strive to pass on this wisdom and art in a way that is easily accessible to all people in today's busy times. There are young practitioners (2nd grade elementary school), seniors, beginners and advanced practitioners in our school. No special equipment is needed. You can practice anytime and anywhere…